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The Air Show

We didn’t go to the air show this year. It’s just a big excuse to suck all the cash out of my wallet. Actually, the “air show” part of it is pretty cool. I remember going back 14, 15 years ago, and it was all about the planes. Now they have the carnival rides and a midway. I did that last week, thanks. I can’t afford to spend $10 for a single ride on the ferris wheel just a week after doing it at the Sterling fair. I told Junior I’d take him, as long as he didn’t ask me to go on any rides. Thus, our not attending this year. Because we live relatively close to the airport, we can hear the airshow, we just can’t see it. That’s okay with me. I mean, I love watching the air show, but it’s not just an air show anymore. It’s like my vow to not attend the Sterling Fair anymore. It used to be a good fair. Now it’s just an excuse to have carnival rides. I don’t need that.

Gotta get my dad’s birthday present wrapped, we’re heading over to have a party for him today.