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Project Greenlight

There is just no way I’m going to finish this script by Wednesday. Or it would be finished (barely) but not edited, and that certainly isn’t going to impress anyone. I guess maybe I’ll keep working but I’ve got SO many more pages to write…it needs to be a minimum of 80, and well, I’m not there yet. Not even close (Okay, I’ve only got 8 completed pages). I thought I had until Thursday, but I only have until Wednesday. PLUS you have to fill out an application, pay $30, and also register your script with two different organizations (to protect your copyright) which I’m sure costs money as well.

I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get it finished, I certainly had enough time to do it, I just didn’t have it at the top of my To Do list.

Well, I’m not wasting the beautiful weather of the next three days only to find out I don’t have the money to do this OR a completed script that I think stands a chance. So I’m going to go pumpkin picking today. It won’t be as exciting as yesterday, but that’s okay too.