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Pre-Season Christmas Shopping

I’m calling it that, anyway. I was just poking around on Amazon, trying to decide which game system would be the best one to get for a 5 year old (cause Junior turns 5 two weeks after Chrismtas). I narrowed it down to a GameCube or a PS2. I know Mr. Dump things the PS2 is the way to go, because it will play all the old games and DVDs, but looking at the available games for kids Junior’s age, I am leaning toward the GameCube. The other systems seems to be overflowing with sports and racing games. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But of all the games we have for the current Playstation, the sports games are his least favorite. He does have a few racing games he likes, but he isn’t in it for the RACE part of the race. With Lego Racers, he likes to build his car and pick out his little Lego guy.

So I decided on a gamecube, because there were a LOT of other action and adventure games that are “safe” for younger kids. I piled up my Amazon wishlist with all the games that looked the most like stuff he (and I) would like. Now I just have to wait for a regular paycheck. Or lottery winnings. Except I haven’t played the lottery in quite some time, so I’d better not count those chickens.

p.s. Is it cold in here or is it just me?