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Month: September, 2002

That Just Ticks Me Off

Okay, Monday morning rant. Not really a rant, but you know.

1. Job listings on that are no more than an ad to buy someone’s “book” of available work from home “opportunities”. Slimeballs.

2. Buying a package of Memorex CD-Rs and having HALF of them fail. Yes, literally every other one was bad. I reached a point where I almost tossed every other one before even trying it.

3. Unavailable refills for the CD labelling “system” I use. I know I could switch to something else, but that means my templates will no longer work, which means I have to create new ones from scratch, and that’s a pain in my arse.

4. Something else. I’m not sure what, but I know there will be something.


Woooha, we got us a sweat-er

It’s late September, and I wanted to go to the Bolton Fair today. It just didn’t work out. Junior seems to have been hit by some allergy thing, as have I a little bit, and it’s freaking hot out there. I mean, not July hot. Well, sort of. It was about 87 and very humid. It was just a sticky gross day and I had visions of the Sterling Fair from two weeks ago dancing in my head so I decided not to push it. I think being hot and sticky while sneezing and with a runny nose could have resulted in the mother tantrum of all time at some point. I think it’s better to just write off the fair this year, and look for something next week that will maybe kind of sort of take its place, even though nothing can. I mean, this is a fair where the midway can’t be seen until you’re in that particular field, so it would have been ideal for us. We just wouldn’t go down to that part of the fair, y’know?


Scream Collecting

Got Monster’s Inc. Love it. Love the two shorts that are included. Like the outtakes. Got me to thinking…there’s an animator out there who goes to cocktail parties and says

“Ya, I worked on that Pixar movie.”

The Cute Young Thing ™ looks at him in awe and says “Really? Which part did you do?”

“Uh, I spent the last year working on an outtake”.

I mean, that’s someone’s whole reason for being. To create something that is classified as a mistake.


Why Are They All Taken?

I just found out that local hero Tom “Ain’t No Fluke” Brady is dating Tara Reid. And last week I found out my Nomar is dating that soccer chick, Mia Hamm. Is there no hope for the overweight average-looking women of the world ever dating a Boston sports hero? Adam Vinatieri is married, isn’t he? Oh, look his website says “He is currently married.” What the hell kind of statement is that? When is the expiration date on that puppy?

Forget them, I’m going back to Anthony of the Wiggles then. You can laugh all you want, at least I can say that the distance is what’s keeping us apart.


CD Burning

I’m making my own greatest hits CD. Not the greatest hits of one artist, but the greatest hits (in my opinion) into collections. Maybe I’ll call those “Now That’s What I Call Music” people and tell them I’ve got their next CD all picked out. Of course, some of the songs are twenty-five years old. But I don’t think that should matter, do you? Some of the best songs in the world are 25 years old.


My Way Cool Foreign Film

I directed a film. It can be seen here.


I Don’t Appreciate Your Lying

I drove home from Waltham the other day, after visiting my old stomping grounds at IMI. Somewhere along the way I ended up behind this truck and I got to thinking “how can they control it?” I started thinking that it would be really hard to do that. In fact, maybe they’re just saying it’s controlled but it isn’t. So I tried to keep up with it. I am happy to tell you that it’s capable of going faster than 70mph. I don’t know what to do with that information, but there you go. (Yes, I did have my digital camera with me. That’s the joy of having a tiny one.)

Also, BIG PROPS to my mom and dad, who paid for car stereo repairs today. I now drive their old Maxima and the speakers (Bose) were blown when they gave it to me. And it only had a tape player. But you couldn’t listen to it at ALL because of the horrible electrical noises it would make when turned on. So today we got it fixed, threw in two new speakers, swapped the old stereo for the one that had been in my van, and rewired the two front speakers. All-in-all, over $300 worth of work was done. But now it works, and sounds pretty darned good. I’m going to make sure I get my $300 worth out of it. Thanks mom and dad!



I’d better check to see if there are any good shows worth TiVoing tonight. I sort of missed that it’s the beginning of the fall TV season. Not that it matters. I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me, except maybe the Bonnie Hunt sitcom, but that’s because I love Bonnie Hunt. I got that on the TiVo the other night, so I’ll try to get to it soon.


Sometimes you see something and you think “did they really mean for us to see both of those pictures at the same time?” And then you think “If I click on the link will I see a slideshow made up of all the same picture?” But then you just do a screen capture and you don’t bother to click on the link because it’s funnier in your head than it would be on the screen.

Image captured from Yahoo, where I get all my news.


Uh, No Thanks

I will not lie…I love to browse around Amazon’s website. I put things in my cart, I ad them to my wishlist, I remove things from the cart and wishlist, etc. I visit Amazon daily, in fact, to check out the Gold Box offers. Because you never know when the world’s greatest bargain will be in front of you. As I sit and think back to the heady days of the boom when online stores would sell you stuff for pennies (literally) just to get you as a customer. Oh man, I saved SO much money by shopping online back then. Anyhoo, I was just looking for something I actually need over there, some replacement blades for an electric razor. I found my model, the Remington WDF-5000 Women’s Shaver. The replacement parts are $20. Okay, I’ll put them in the cart until I can check around to see if that’s the going price.

But what the hell is this? No button to add to cart? Oh, they must be out. But look, there’s a button to ORDER IT USED. Now I don’t know much about a lot of things, but I do know that the last thing I want to buy is used razor blades, electric or not. I cannot even comprehend this. It’s bothering me so much that I just emailed amazon to tell them. We’ll see if they reply.