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Just Your Basic Mom-Stuff

Sometimes I wonder how I come up with this stuff. Especially when it works. Tonight Junior is sleeping at Dads. My job is to pack the bag, even though Junior is 4 and I’ve told him he’s responsible for his own “extras”.

I just got a call…it’s bedtime, and “you forgot to pack a friend.” Oh boy. I remembered everything else, including the vital beyond belief “blankie”. But I didn’t pack a friend.

Mr. Dump puts Junior on the phone

Me: Honey, can you just go one night without a friend? You have Blankie!

Him: No.

Me: Just one night?

Him: I’m not very happy right now

Me: But you’ve got blankie, he can be your friend tonight, okay?

Him: I want a friend with eyes.


Me: Well tell daddy to draw eyes on your pillow.

Him: [thinking about it] OKAY! You wanna talk to daddy?

Daddy: So?

Me: Go draw eyes on his pillow

I haven’t heard back…yet. If this works, I want an award.