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I Don’t Appreciate Your Lying

I drove home from Waltham the other day, after visiting my old stomping grounds at IMI. Somewhere along the way I ended up behind this truck and I got to thinking “how can they control it?” I started thinking that it would be really hard to do that. In fact, maybe they’re just saying it’s controlled but it isn’t. So I tried to keep up with it. I am happy to tell you that it’s capable of going faster than 70mph. I don’t know what to do with that information, but there you go. (Yes, I did have my digital camera with me. That’s the joy of having a tiny one.)

Also, BIG PROPS to my mom and dad, who paid for car stereo repairs today. I now drive their old Maxima and the speakers (Bose) were blown when they gave it to me. And it only had a tape player. But you couldn’t listen to it at ALL because of the horrible electrical noises it would make when turned on. So today we got it fixed, threw in two new speakers, swapped the old stereo for the one that had been in my van, and rewired the two front speakers. All-in-all, over $300 worth of work was done. But now it works, and sounds pretty darned good. I’m going to make sure I get my $300 worth out of it. Thanks mom and dad!