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Hey! Where Did My Post Go?

I wrote up a post for today, I swear I did. And just before IE exploded all over me and my desk, I thought I posted it. Apparently it was lost in the storm. I was complaining about IE so maybe it censored me. I hate when that happens!

94% humidity out there right now. I feel like renting a SCUBA tank. Blech. I don’t remember what the earlier post was about, maybe something about spending 4 hours trying to figure out what happened to IE and get it re-loaded. That was fun. Like I didn’t want to get anything else done today. I did. I was just afraid to touch the darned computer until I figured out if I had a virus or something equally scary. (Insert WoooOOOOooo ghost noises).

I also took the time to load Windows XP Service Pack 1 today. It seems to have upgraded gracefully and successfully, except for one tiny thing. The Calculator is gone. WHERE IS MY CALCULATOR? Windows has had calc.exe since it was a pup. I use it ALL the time. Suddenly, no calculator. Are they kidding me? What the hell happened here? Now I have to download some silly freeware calculator? Oh man, that chaps my butt. There’d better be a simple explanation for this.