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Beach Weather

Yup, we did get to the beach! Something clicked in Junior’s head and he’s suddenly not afraid to get his face wet, plus, he doesn’t get water in his mouth every 15 seconds. We picked up a cheap boogie board at a store selling everything off before they close for the season and he was totally into it. Riding all the breakers right in to shore like he’s been doing it forever. I was amazed and proud. I’m just sad that the season is over. I guess I’m going to have to think about next summer’s vacation early. Obviously a beach vacation would be a good idea for the little fish. He wants to go back tomorrow but I don’t really want to. I need to try to find some work – maybe get some stuff mailed out to local businesses, and scan all the job websites. But it’s going to be 90 again. So I should go. I mean, how many more days will we have like this before next summer? And me without a job, so available to just go.

I think ideally we should have stayed over somewhere – it’s the drive that makes me not want to go back, but obviously that’s not in the budget. Bananas and milk are, hotel rooms, not. My other secret fear is that I’ll get some sort of bizarre sunburn, and I’ve got a job interview on Wednesday. I don’t want to look stupid. Why do I feel like such a heel, then. Shouldn’t my son come first?