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Anthony Field, I love you!

I know that it’s a very slim chance I have, catching his attention this way, but maybe he sometimes googles for his own name. If so, maybe he’ll read this and drop me a note at to tell me he knows of my adoration. I’m talking about Anthony Wiggle himself, Anthony Field. My friends think I’m wacky, but he’s right up there with the Kratt brothers for “men who are adored by moms stuck watching their shows. I never got the women who had a thing for Steve from Blues Clues, but Anthony. Mmmm. I just found a link on the web that said he was on a Bachelor of the Year list for some media magazine. Must have been in Australia, because it was back in 1999 and the Wiggles hadn’t really made it too far here by then. I, of course, already owned videos at that time. But now we’re watching their old show on the Disney Channel.

I also found a link that said Anthony starred in a movie. I wonder if it’s available in the US?

Anyway, Anthony, if you read this, I’d like to extend and invitation to swing by for a big plate of Sketties with junior and I. He’d really be thrilled. Him. You know, the 4 year old. Oh, and his mother.