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Stupid Boston Bartenders

Okay, time for another check-in on this STUPID Opie and Anthony thing. Once again, I don’t think they should have been fired for this. I think simulating sex in a Church is wrong. But THEY weren’t having sex in a Church. Okay, so given that…

Now bartenders in the Boston area are boycotting Sam Adams products. These bars are only hurting themselves, because I’ve heard people have been calling radio stations to boycott the bars that are boycotting Sam Adams. Idiots. You own a bar. You don’t have any right to get all high and mighty. When oh when oh when will these good Catholics stop pointing fingers and throwing stones? I’m almost embarrassed to say I’m Catholic. And even after Koch DID apologize in print ads about his involvement, one of these self-righteous ‘swipes had the nerve to decide the apology wasn’t good enough because he didn’t include wording that he’d never do it again. Hey, pal, he didn’t need to answer to you in the FIRST place.

I think I’ll run out and buy some Sam Adams. I don’t need it, but I would like to show some support. And I hope these holier-than-thou tavern owners take a HUGE hit in the wallet.