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Still Deathmatching

I still play Paranormal Deathmatch about once every 2-3 days. Just to see how badly I’ve been beaten while I was away. The other night I was killed 5 or 6 times, which is something that can happen to you in a game. You get killed, and then reincarnated with lots of lovely health. That should happen in real life.

Oh, and yes, I wrote a letter to the FCC about this Opie and Anthony thing. It may surprise one or two of you, but I wrote a pro-O&A letter. Now I’m the last person to condone people having sex in a church, be they employees or just tourists. But I happened to be listening to the show that day. Unlike most of the people who wrote or called the FCC, I actually know what was going on. And trust me, nothing that was broadcast over the air was indecent. You’re going to have to believe me, because I have no reason to lie. I never even believed that all the couples participating were actually doing anything anyway. I mean, there’s be a cell phone call…”they just did it in the stairwell at XYZ and now they’re doing it at ABC.” C’mon, are these humans? Who can have sex 10 times in 3 hours?

Anyway, hearing someone say “Okay, they’re doing it in the cathedral” isn’t obscene in and of itself. Nor is it necessarily true. We’re talking about a cell phone call on a radio show. They could have been in the next room.

If the couple in question was caught doing something they shouldn’t have, well, that was their choice. Nobody told them to a) participate, or b) go to the church. At what point are the participants responsible? I mean, the prize wasn’t even anything that great.

Oh great, I just read this on the newswires: “The New York-based shock jocks, criticized by Catholic groups for broadcasting a live account of a couple allegedly having sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, had their nationally syndicated show canceled Thursday. ”

You know, there were a lot of really horribly offensive things they’ve done on their show that should get them fired, but I don’t think this was it.