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Funny and Stuff

Okay, my sides are hurting. Rated R though, for language and, um, well, Hey kids! I think mom has cookies on the counter. Safety Chart.

You can tell that I’m feeling the need to conserve. I dragged Junior to the library with me. I ran out of “fun” reading, and obviously can’t just run willy nilly to Barnes and Noble right now. I thought maybe I’d leap into current events by finally reading Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections. This copy is the big meaty hardcover. Impress your friends. I also picked up yet another Nora Roberts book, which means I can delete this one from my cart over at Amazon. I love to shop at Amazon, fill my cart, save things for later and fill my wishlist. 90% of the stuff I pick out never gets purchased. I’ve also been known to cancel orders once I place them. I love Amazon.

I got Junior a couple of books as well. He prefers the book store because of the Thomas the Tank Engine Display.