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Day 1

Well, first day, and I am keeping Junior Mint home with me. I am wondering if the campout tonight will be cancelled because it is REALLY WET outside. Far be it for me to complain about any kind of rain at all, it’s sorely needed. But why, of all the nights, the one we had plans to sleep outside?

Oh, yes, and two pages of the screenplay are written. At least I don’t have to have the fear of a blank page. I used my Amazon referral bonus to buy the low-end scriptwriting software and man, can I tell that I should have bought the high end one. I assume I could upgrade later on, but I don’t see that kind of money appearing between now and when the project greenlight script has to be submitted.

Okay, I have to finish a little work and then start my errands for the day. Today’s the day I drop off the van and pick up my “new” used car.