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Almost Friday

Another week of looking for a job and ending up at the beach and an amusement park. How did THAT happen? Well, I know how it happened. When I originally became unemployed back in January I was not a happy camper. Tied with marriage woes, well, I just had no energy to do anything. The fishies weren’t biting my resume hook, etc. Just when the good weather started, I got two temporary gigs in a row. HEAVEN, except why on earth did it have to be just in time for the summer?

I didn’t take ANY time off from the Allmerica gig, because I couldn’t bear to lose the money in my paycheck. Simple as that. So no real “vacation-y” activities since September 2001, really. But I have a different attitude right now. Maybe it will wear off, but in case another gig popped up post-Labor Day, I wanted to be able to say that I took Junior to the beach at least once this summer. Ditto the amusement park, which, by the way, was subsidized by his father. *waving*

Anyway, grinding out resumes again. Besides, it’s raining. I really didn’t want to beach it in the rain. (But I’m not against going back next week or the week after if I don’t have an interview lined up and the weather is right. Then we can say we went TWICE this year. Woo hoo!