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What Was I Going To Say?

Geez, last night I had about three different things I wanted to put in here today, and now it’s all a blur. How sad is that? Okay, let me just put myself in a meditative trance to see if I can conjure any of it back up.

* Men in Black II – LOVED IT. I’m not a sci fi geek, so it’s no skin off my nose that this one doesn’t break any new ground, whatever that means. I loved it. I laughed my head off and just thought it was $7 well-spent, even if it turns out that someone else bought my ticket. So let’s thank my pal Stefan and his wife Beth for treating me.

* I made grilled shrimp. And they were GOOD. Dave T provided the “recipe” which was basically a short marinade in melted butter and soy sauce while the grill heated up, then grilled with a healthy dose of black pepper and a little salt. 7 or so minutes into the cooking, squeeze fresh lemon on them.

* Um. Ya. I know something belongs here, but my brain is tired now. I’ll get back to you.