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The Sun Chips are Back

Whew! The cafeteria here in Worcester has been out of Sun Chips for about a week. I got hooked on them as a slightly healthier alternative to regular chips, because they have no cholesterol and 30% less fat. And they are tasty. But the caf ran out and I was very sad. Sad enough to pester one of the managers, who I’m sure has more to worry about when she feeds hundreds if not thousands of people a day.

Today they had a bbq, so I had a hamburger and a piece of corn on the cob. I cannot WAIT until they are picking local corn. I’ve already picked two tomatoes off my patio plant (yes, I cheated and bought one that already had one on growing on it back in May) but they were kind of mealy because of the crappy weather we had back in early June. The ones on it now look 100x better, probably because of all the TLC I give it. Not to mention the water. Lots of water.