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Month: July, 2002

Okay, Now I Can Focus On the Blog

Whew! Finished updating the Dump so you have my full attention again. Well, okay, not my FULL attention.

It was timesheet day today. My supervisor comes by in the morning and signs my timesheet for the week. That means I have to determine by 11am what time I’m staying until. Today I said I was staying until 4:30pm. Because I’ll only get paid until then, you can bet I won’t “accidently” stay until 5:00pm.

I’m starting to really stress out about the fact that my contract ends on August 15th. I would REALLY like an extension, considering how barren has been lately.



I’m trying to update the main dump, so if I had anything I was going to say here, I’ll probably save it for there. I think maybe it will be posted by 10pm tonight, which is way past my bedtime.


Slow Day on the Farm

Just a quickee update. The weather here is just about perfect, if you ask me. Mid-70’s. Ahhhh. I’ve slept like a baby the past two nights. Of course, I’m inside, so you know, it’s hard to tell if it’s nice. I’m two layers of glass away from the outside world…the section where I sit has all the “real” windows covered with a plastic/glass thingy…basically I guess they do it to keep the heat in, or to keep the riff-raff out. If it wasn’t there it’s possible we could open the windows.

I don’t know that I would…even with the 2nd layer it often smell like lawnmower and/or truck fumes in here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


No recording devices

Another thing about last Friday’s concert (ya, I’ll stop soon) is that one of the casino goons (they look like secret service guys) went to each table to tell them no pictures, and no recording devices. Well, my cell phone has a record feature to do voice memos, but Deb wouldn’t let me use it.

However, I did call someone for just 5 seconds so they could hear Eye in the Sky in the background. I just had to.

I should have called my answering machine and just filled it up, but I didn’t want to cause trouble. Oh, and p.s. to that horrible female who decided that nobody would get autographs: Pbtbtbtbtbtbt. There were only 5 of us standing there, and I’m the only one holding a cd and a sharpie. I didn’t even need to MEET him, I mean, she could have brought it out back. I wonder if Alan Parsons even knows this woman blew off one of his biggest fans. So my plan to scan in the CD cover for the website was blown.


I have a new favorite blog

I hope the owner of Fussy writes even more stuff! I’m SO addicted now I want more! MORE!


Well, Somebody had to say it…

Apparently, I’m the only hit you get if you do a Google search for the phrase “get out of my office, you lousy talking mime”. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. But it is important to call your attention to these things.

I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy playing that Paranormal Deathmatch game I mentioned in a previous entry. It’s goooood stuff.

I still didn’t give you the playlist for last Friday’s concert. I’ll start. Forgive my spelling of the names here, that’s part of why it’s not up yet: I don’t know the names of some of the songs, and I don’t want to look goofy. Okay, so from left to right (onstage) we had

Mark Farnham of Grand Funk Railroad

Jack Bruce of Creem

Todd Rundgren

Christopher Cross

Alan Parsons.

They opened with two Beatles songs (Hard Days Night and Daytripper) and then each of them had the stage for two of his own songs. Alan kind of got three because he did Syrius into Eye in the Sky, which is how the radios used to play it even though they are two songs. Anyway, the guy behind me said “Boy, he doesn’t sound good” but that showed he’s not a fan. If he WAS a fan he’d know that Alan didn’t sing on any of those albums, (okay, one or two and backup). That was Eric Woolfson on the album. But it really wasn’t the place to explain it to him. I thought Alan did a fine job, and Christopher “I’m going to hide behind this big leather coat and baseball cap” Cross chimed in for vocals. Then Alan did Games People Play which is really tremendously appropriate for the casino venue.

More later…


Look, It Should Be a Law

They have a pretty decent salad bar here at the Very Large Company where I’m working. Today it was chock full of stuff other than veggies. Veggies are fine, but you can make a meal out of all the other stuff, which I did today. I took some macaroni salad, some buffalo chicken fingers, and some grilled veggies (carrots, zucchini and summer squash). Oh, and 3-4 marinated mushrooms. Anyway, I went over to the dressing thingy to get some blue cheese for the buffalo chicken fingers and….they don’t have it. WHAT THE HELL? Look people, it’s simple math -> buffalo chicken + blue cheese dressing = heaven.

Now I’m going to have to hit Fweedom Wings to make up for it. And they aren’t OPEN on Mondays. Sheesh.


Sauce Review

But let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Tried Emeril’s Vodka Sauce. Didn’t like it. In fact, I prefer the vodka sauce they serve in the cafeteria at work, and that’s saying something.


Watch this space

I wrote down the set list from last nights Walk Down Abbey Road concert at Mohegan Sun.

GREAT concert. So much fun, and it was FREEEEEEEEE! I’ll update later, but I have to go run to the grocery store for fuel.


Thunder Boomers

I wish I could sleep through a thunderstorm. Or through the night, period. Last night was our lucky night for having the storm be directly overhead. A nasty bit happened around midnight and then moved on to bother some other people. Then at 4am there was a single CRAAAAACK that scare the something-or-other out of me. I swear, it sounded like a rifle shot. I was convinced that the house had been hit, so of course I had to get up and look around. As if you can SEE that sort of thing. Nothing seemed to be smoking so I crawled back in bed and prayed for another hour or two of sleep. I don’t do well on only 4 hours a night, you see. And yes I did, but man, am I tired today.