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No recording devices

Another thing about last Friday’s concert (ya, I’ll stop soon) is that one of the casino goons (they look like secret service guys) went to each table to tell them no pictures, and no recording devices. Well, my cell phone has a record feature to do voice memos, but Deb wouldn’t let me use it.

However, I did call someone for just 5 seconds so they could hear Eye in the Sky in the background. I just had to.

I should have called my answering machine and just filled it up, but I didn’t want to cause trouble. Oh, and p.s. to that horrible female who decided that nobody would get autographs: Pbtbtbtbtbtbt. There were only 5 of us standing there, and I’m the only one holding a cd and a sharpie. I didn’t even need to MEET him, I mean, she could have brought it out back. I wonder if Alan Parsons even knows this woman blew off one of his biggest fans. So my plan to scan in the CD cover for the website was blown.