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More on the Great Pen Search

Here’s what the Sanford (Uni-ball) people had to say, in case anyone else out there is looking for those pens (and I know you are…I see the search words you use to get to my site. Dang, those fireworks pens got me a LOT of traffic.)

You may want to try your local Sav-on Drug Store for the # 60038 3-pk of

uni-ball Onyx Rollerball Pen.

The uni-ball Vision Exact Pens have not [my emphasis -J] been discontinued by the

manufacturer. We do show this item(s) available from Du-All (877) 583-9158 as well as

Office Depot BSDat 1-800-685-8800.

You can also try for ordering most Sanford and Paper Mate

items on-line. If you can order by the dozen call Standard Office (800)742-8247, Gray

Enterprises (800)970-7367 or