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Look, It Should Be a Law

They have a pretty decent salad bar here at the Very Large Company where I’m working. Today it was chock full of stuff other than veggies. Veggies are fine, but you can make a meal out of all the other stuff, which I did today. I took some macaroni salad, some buffalo chicken fingers, and some grilled veggies (carrots, zucchini and summer squash). Oh, and 3-4 marinated mushrooms. Anyway, I went over to the dressing thingy to get some blue cheese for the buffalo chicken fingers and….they don’t have it. WHAT THE HELL? Look people, it’s simple math -> buffalo chicken + blue cheese dressing = heaven.

Now I’m going to have to hit Fweedom Wings to make up for it. And they aren’t OPEN on Mondays. Sheesh.