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Wake UP People!

Okay, maybe it’s me. It’s possible. But if you enter a ladies room with 10 stalls, why pick one right next to the only one in use? Can I have a LITTLE privacy here? Pick a different stall! One of us might be stinky, and that would be bad!

Also, when someone is coming down the stairs and you start to go up them, for goodness’ sake, stay to your side. If you insist on walking up the middle you will look like an ass. Trust me. And there is no reason to brush up against someone just because you are too stupid to move to your right. Wide staircases are wide for a reason.

(Can you tell it’s one of those days? It started last night when the dim bulb around the corner and down the street came by for his annual “mowing of lawn that doesn’t belong to him.” That’s right. He’s decided that it’s his job to mow the strip of grass along the road across from my house, and trim the stuff growing there. Thing is, that properly BELONGS to someone. You can’t just go mowing someone else’s lawn! I was dying, DYING I tell you, for my new neighbors to go out and confront him. Every year for 8 years now this has blown my blood pressure through the roof, as if it wasn’t obvious.)

Okay, just writing about it helps. I’m better now.