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Month: June, 2002


Tonight I’m having leftovers. I actually cooked dinner last night. I can cook dinner if I want to, I just don’t always want to. Even less so now that I’m the only adult in the house. I had purchased some sausage over the weekend, and grabbed a few cans from the “pantry” – one small can of sliced mushrooms, one can of diced tomato in juice, and one small can of Italian-style zucchini (they sell it in the peas ‘n carrots aisle). So all that tossed in to the pan after the sausage was cooked, topped off with a splash of cooking wine (I didn’t have a bottle of the real stuff…I should buy some) and a splash of light cream. Mmmmmm.

Junior just had his sketties with Ragu. Mine was better.


You Like This, Right?

Uh oh, I think I might be the last type of blogger shown in this cartoon. I apologize if that’s true.



Got involved in a discussion at work about whether or not the word diapers is two syllables or three. You know, ordinary workday talk. I then asked why it was even being discussed, and Tim pointed me to FiveSevenFive, his site. Very cool. He writes haiku about actual news events. What a great niche!


Jody vs. The Masked Beast

Okay, the gloves are off. This is war. Last night I was cruelly awakened by a noise outside my house. I wanted to call the cops, but decided to look out the window first. There he was, all approximately 40 pounds of him. Rocky Raccoon had knocked over the barrel and was dragging it across the driveway towards the wooded area. Holy cow, he’s big and strong. I started making noises and yelling out the window, and he just stopped and looked up at me. I think I saw a “come out HERE and do that” smirk on his face. I swear, it was like watching a nature show. That old Wonderful World of Disney episode with the raccoons in the house.

I ran downstairs to get the camera but it was just too dark where he was. A flashlight in his eyes didn’t slow him down for more than 1 second. I watched him remove the lid, and pull out the items that interested him. Yup, garbage everywhere. Two days in a row. I thought he got everything the night before so I wasn’t even worried about a repeat performance. Although it was kind of cool to watch him dragging the barrel.

This morning I put on gloves to go clean up his leftovers. Luckily this is trash day.



Jiminy Cricket it’s hot as hades out there! Yes, this is the second year in row that this particular birthday party has been a dripping, humid sauna. Yea!

I actually ran under the sprinkler with Junior when we got home after the party. I hope the neighbors will be able to get THAT image removed from their retinas. I did get to sit in a chair out on the deck with my umbrella and my Diet Pepsi. I read 42 pages of a Nora Roberts novel. Is there anything better? Well, okay, it would have been much better if it was 10 degrees cooler with about 40 percent less humidity, but I guess we’re stuck with it for the next couple of months.


I may not be that great at math, but according to today’s weather over at Yahoo, the high for today is 87, and the low 66. However, it says that the current temperature is 64. Um, doesn’t that mean the 66 is wrong?



The Big DumpTruck 6.6.2002


Would You Like Mayo With That?

I guess I made a boo-boo when I put some stuff in the rubbish barrel. The stuff being food-related. When I looked out the window this morning the barrel was on its side and there was garbage on the lawn. Fantastic. So I went to see what was so tempting. Looks like a loaf of moldy bread got eaten, and, voila, chicken. So I guess something wanted a chicken sandwich. Me? I don’t think I want either today, not after having to clean everything up. Yuck.


Update on Lipstick

Hey, I just figured out that the 24-hour CVS in town has a whole new selection of Jane cosmetics. I think that means they just discontinued the stuff they were carrying to carry all different stuff. I cannot recommend their “flavored” lipsticks enough. I’m trying to buy one of each of the good colors while I still can. I got a Kiwi one tonight that just seemed to give a slight pinkish-natural shine. GREAT color. And it’s kind of transluscent so it looks really natural. Oh well, it’s the little things in life, right?

Speaking of little things, I went across the street from CVS to McD’s to get Junior a Happy Meal and I hit the drive-thru lottery! They gave us a 9-piece McNugget instead of the 6-piece I ordered. I should go buy a lottery ticket!


First Day of Summer

My sister’s family went to the beach this morning. How cool is that, going to the beach on the first day of summer? My parents went along to help out, and let’s be frank, to go to the beach. We went to the beach a lot as kids; mom and dad would pack up the car with a ton of really heavy stuff, and we’d leave at about six in the morning. We had an umbrella and a metal cooler. Inside the cooler was about 14 different fruits (peaches, plums, grapes) veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers peeled and sliced into spears), and either sandwiches or cold Kentucky Fried Chicken. For beverages there were store-brand (DeMoulas) flavored sodas – your basic grape, orange, and rootbeer.

Mom would also pack a knife, a salt shaker (with a piece of wax paper under the top so the salt wouldn’t come out in transit) and other kitchen accessories. Dad had, in addition to a big furniture pad/quilt thing for a blanket, our towels, the umbrella from our picnic table, buckets and shovels, and beach chairs. Looking back, he must have had 20 arms.

Dad loved to body surf, even if it wasn’t called that at the time. Mom didn’t always go in the water. We’d also look for starfish, shells, etc, and build castles. When it was time to leave we not only had to carry all that crap back to the car, we had to carry buckets of sea water, which were used to rinse off our feet in the parking lot before we put on shoes and/or got in the car. This same routine happened EVERY time we went to the beach. I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to go to the beach with only a towel and a bottle of sunscreen. (Not that this is why I go to the beach).