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Dump Update Night

I finally found time to update the Big DumpTruck. Whew. I have had this fear for ages that writing this Blog every day would mess up my updating. Well, not that I updated all that often anyway but you know what I mean. There’s no burning need, because of the immediacy of this blog. And with Blogger Pro, I’m supposed to be able to send an email to the system and it will automatically update the page. How awesome is that? I have a cellphone that handles SMS messaging, so I could even send an update from, say, Jiffy Lube.

Speaking of which, I was waiting at the lights across the street from the one in town, and I saw one of the Lubers (is that what they want to be called?) use an umbrella to escort a guy over to the garage in the rain. I wonder how that guy felt, having another guy hold an umbrella for him. Of course, it was held a manly 30 feet over his head, and the luber didn’t get very close to him. But still…