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Month: June, 2002

Lilo and Stitch


I went to see this today and bawled my eyes out! Maybe it’s my current situation, or the fact that I’m a mom with a kid approximately the same age as Lilo, or maybe because I’m just a huge HUGE softy, but man, I was emotionally drained by this movie. Sheesh. And there were kids sniffling all around me, and Junior didn’t even want to stay till the end (but we did…I thought it might be important for him to see the happy ending, you know? Not assume it ends badly.

But really, I was wiping tears like a madwoman.


Wasted the Morning!

Ack! I just wasted the WHOLE MORNING doing minor fixes to the main Dump page. Mostly the archives section, but also to the whole template. Shoot me now, I didn’t intend to spend so much time on it. Now I’m wondering if it’s too late to do the stuff I was going to do today. Maybe not.

I still need to shave my legs. It’s too hot to go out in long pants. *sigh* Oh, wait, it’s only 79…maybe it isn’t?


New Dump

I updated the main Dump using Blogger. Now I can’t get in to Topica to send the announcement email. Hmmm.


Well I’ll be Danged…

Here’s an Article about cosmetic companies and danged if Jane Cosmetics isn’t owned by Estee Lauder! See, I knew this was good stuff. They own Almay too, and I like there stuff as well. I’m such a good consumer.



I’m a bit distressed that I’m going to have to spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself because of allergies. That would be bad. Junior is in full-blown allergy hell, although this morning he looked better than he has in days. I’m on the downswing, feeling tired, post-nasal drip, lungs just ready for a vacation.

Luckily, my only plans for the weekend aren’t anything I can’t fit a nap around.

I’m almost out of my Special K Red Berries, so time to hit the grocery store. I got paid yesterday, so all is good. I’m bummed that next week I won’t get paid for the 4th of July. “You only get paid for the hours you work” says the company I’m working for. “You could always come in if you want to get paid.” Um, no. No thanks. Besides, my security badge isn’t good for weekends or holidays.


An Open Letter To…

A reporter wants to interview me regarding my Open Letter To the Ice Cream Man. I have no idea what kinds of questions he’s going to ask me, but hey, I’m easy, I’ll give it a shot.


Today’s Dessert

Here’s another reason why it’s good to work in a building with a cafeteria…today they had chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. Giant strawberries, thick chocolate. 75 cents eachy. Mmmmmm.


Keeping Busy

I spent a good portion of last night trying to figure out how to automate updates of the main Dump page. I know I did an informal poll of the users about whether they wanted to combine the blog with the Dump so there would only be one page to visit, but that got a thumbs down. Still, the blog is updated daily and the Dump lingers for a month or so, because I have to update it at home while sitting in front of the computer. Everything is updated by hand.

So I think I may have solved the problem. I’ll be working on it some more, and will point you to a test area as soon as I have a working model.

Share Home Lair

Just in time for your summer picnic needs, it’s Home Lair ! I stopped by because I needed to pick up a few items from the henchperson gear catalog. I like to offer my henchmen and henchwomen some new uniforms.


OOOh, I actually have a story in the Daily Probe this week! I haven’t been submitting as many stories, but last week I did. Oh, and I was the inspiration for the story “Woman Very Angry at Misbehaving Celeb She Doesn’t Know” when I commented on the contributor mailing list for that I was glad they found out Steven Bing is the father of Elizabeth Hurley’s baby. Of course, I didn’t say what’s in the article, it takes good writing to do that.