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God bless the frozen food industry. And while we’re at it, the major appliance industry.

Junior fell asleep on the living room floor at about 6pm, which means I’m in for the night. I didn’t go the grocery store this weekend because of a fear of crowds (although apparently everyone in this area went elsewhere for the weekend because the roads were NOT bad at all). So then I’d been planning to treat myself to a small hamburg and mushroom pizza, or maybe even just mushroom. But see, he fell asleep. I can’t leave the house if he’s asleep. And I’m so tired from doing yardwork all day (yea me!) that I think I’m right behind him. Anyway, I started poking around in the freezer and found a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza! You cannot believe the joy this just gave me. It’s in the oven right now. 15 minutes from now…heaven.