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As I mentioned in Wednesday’s Blog entry I was supposed to make an attempt at de-cluttering. I am happy to announce that the closet is 3/4 finished, there’s a box of stuff for a yard sale, and I have almost a full bag of rubbish ready to go. And as I feared, doing one thing led to me having to do something ELSE, etc. etc. and not only did I get the patio furniture put outside as part of the same effort, but I washed the bathroom floor and made a box of books to donate. I told you that I couldn’t just clean one space without having to move and do something else. Oh, yes, other things done related to this were finding a new location to store all my laundry soaps, etc., dusting the television, putting together all the pieces of our electric ice cream maker (!) and reorganizing all my mixing bowls. Isn’t this fun!

The problem is, the closet is still pretty full at this point, so I’m not sure where I’m going to put the office supplies that are slowly taking over the living room. I think for now I’m going to just make cleaning up all Junior’s toys and moving them into the basement the next priority. Priority three will be to maybe take the blue bin we use as a kind of a coffee table (pitiful, I know, but the one I want is $350, and the blue bin was only $10) empty everything out of it (I think I know what’s in there) and put office supplies in it. I already have priorities 4 and 5 in my head but I’ll save that for another post.