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If you can believe this, I’m STILL in first place in my fantasy baseball league. Last year, I was never in first place, this year, I think I’ve been in first all but 2 days. Wow. I may have a new career ahead of me!

I was trying to figure out what I’m doing different this year, and a lot of it had to do with our draft. Last year I was goofy and I wanted to pick players I liked so I put in for a lot of Red Sox players. Now I love the Sox, but their players aren’t the best in the league as individuals. Sure, they play well together (so far, so good, we’re about a game up over the Yanks) but you don’t want them on your fantasy team. I also didn’t necessarily put all the “best” players at the top of my draft request list. I looked up stats on some of them and picked a bunch of [what I think are] 2nd tier players, and while everyone else was battling it out over Sammy Sosa et al, I got most all of my picks (including Nomar, who surprisingly is one of my weaker players.)

Anyway, I also left them all in. Last year I was trading players if they had one off day. Not this year, at least not yet. But I will say that trying to maintain 1st place isn’t nearly as fun as being in 8th place and trying your hardest to move up a few spots. But I can’t stay in first all season, can I?