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My driveway is way bigger than I need it to be. I say this because I shovelled the whole thing this morning and now I’m DYIN’ here. Ouch. No fun. I kept Jr. home today so I wouldn’t have to rush this morning (he needs to get to daycare lady’s house by 8:15am, because she leaves to take her son to school and she doesn’t always come back home right away. Today I’m sure they went sledding.

Anyway, I dragged Jr. out with me to shovel, and being four he immediately started throwing snow into the parts of the driveway that I’d already cleaned. I sent him in the back yard to play, and finished most of it up (it’s a warm day, so once you cleared off a spot, it would melt to bare pavement). He came back and asked to go in the house but I had to finish the end of the drive. Next thing I know, I look at the front lawn and he’s lying face down in the snow. On purpose. Except I don’t think he knew what to expect and he came over to me to make his face feel better, and started begging me to go back inside. So for the record, HE dragged ME in, not the other way around.