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The people across the street moved a lot of their furniture out yesterday. No sign that the house is sold-in fact, someone went to look at it today. I’m not sure how they are handling showing the house, because I can see both cars in the driveway. So I’m not sure that they were actually gone when the realtor was there 30 minutes ago.

Aren’t you supposed to leave the house when someone is showing it? I’d be kind of freaked out if the owners were sitting on the couch as I was looking around. Actually, when my sister was house shopping, we went to see a few with her and at one of them I assumed the owners were hiding out back behind the bushes. Not only was the tv on (showing the Poseiden Adventure) but their pet bird was loose, sitting on top of its cage. Very very odd. (She liked Miami, so the whole house was painted coral, light teal and dark teal. Not our taste.)