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Found this lovely USA Today article about Thomas Kinkade, the “artist” and I have to tell you…I haven’t seen anyone this high on himself since L. Ron Hubbard founded a religion based on his own science fiction novels. Kinkade even refers to his fan base as “the cult of Kinkade.”

The article is just so jaw-droppingly amazing that I should just let you read it for yourself. I think the two items I will remember forever is that he thinks God became his art agent, and if you buy an upper end painting with a signature, the ink the machines use to “sign” it are mixed with his HAIR AND BLOOD. Free DNA for the price of admission!


He dismisses all criticism and feels that one day in the future his works will be considered important. I’m sure the artists who made all those pictures of big-eyed children in the 60’s/70’s felt the same way. Kinkade might want to take another gander at some of the things his art agent said in the Bible, and maybe spend a little less time being prideful and attempting to amass wealth. I’m pretty sure God isn’t pro-consumerism.