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I misplaced my wallet and it’s making me insane. I cannot for the lfe of me remember if I put it in my pocket or not this morning. I had it here in the house because I took out three dollars (I had to pay for my son’s field trip) and I don’t remember what I did with it after that. It’s not in any pockets, purses or the van. So if I didn’t put it in my pocket, I might have dropped it into my son’s daycare bag. I left a message with the owner to see if she can spot it in there.

If it isn’t in there, I will assume someone stole it or it dropped on the ground and I never saw it. I don’t think that happened though. I never drop my wallet. If it’s in my coat pocket it can’t escape. Did I leave it on the seat of the fan and someone grabbed it from her driveway? I don’t think so. And it wasn’t in the van when I was at his daycare because I would have seen it. Maybe I’ll cruise the parking lot at the daycare but seriously, it just has to be in his bag at her house. I hope she gets home soon.