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Had a very fun morning. My brother-in-law told my parents that today was one of the Acton Library’s book sales, so we headed over to it with them. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t have more cash in my pocket, because I literally spent everything I had on me! I got 6 books for me, and 15 for Junior. A little pricier than a yard sale, but all the books were relatively new and in excellent condition. A hardcover adult book (not THAT kind of adult) was $2.00, but we’re talking something that’s 19.00 at the local bookstore right now, not some hardcover from the 70’s on fixing your typewriter. I stuck to paperbacks for myself, but actually got some from authors I really enjoy, like Nora Roberts. So I paid a dollar for a book I would have paid $8 for new, and it goes to the library.

Speaking of which, back when I lived in Boxboro, I used to go to the Acton library a lot. They rebuilt the whole thing, expanding it, and it is just BEAUTIFUL. I mean, jaw-droppingly beautiful. And the children’s section is astounding. I wish we lived closer, I’d spend way more time there than I do att the Leominster children’s room. I need to find out there hours. I may just start going there every week or so just for a change of scenery.