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I mean, I love animals, just not in a PETA-way. I love them when they are not in my house, when they are not potentiall destroying wiring that will set my house on first. When they are not leaving feces all over the floor, and messing up my insulation. They did NOT pay me rent, and I want them out. If it were possible to put them outside and tell them “listen, you can’t come back. You aren’t welcome” I would have. But these things are destructive, and worse, they have been getting so active and noisy that I can’t sleep. Do you understand? They keep me awake ALL NIGHT. It’s like living in an apartment building and the upstairs neighbors are having a party. I bang on the ceiling but it doesn’t stop them.

So last night I’d hoped they would be quiet, but NoooOooooOooo. I hope they find that mouse bait really tasty. And soon.