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We didn’t get the 7 inches of snow they were predicting, and I can’t say I’m all that sorry about it. I know some people would only be happy with two feet of snow but I’m not one of them. It’s pretty icy out. I’m not going to leave the house until it warms up a little. Mookie will just stay here with me today. He’s soooo sad about it. Poor kid, he’s running around the house just having the best time.

I know I have to leave the house today because I’m in charge of bringing the chip/dip type foods to the Superbowl party. Can’t have a party without onion dip, can you? I think I’ll also make some of that Hidden Valley Ranch dip we first had at T&D’s Christmas pah-ty. I guess that means I need to buy carrots and broccoli and stuff too. Hey, they are veggies, they count, right? I’m going to try to be good, because I’m down another two pounds. I think that puts the total at 7 pounds from just before Thanksgiving. I want to do the last 3 pounds REALLY badly, because man, losing 10 pounds just sounds SO cool.

Oh, and I fixed the links on the left. You can thank me later.