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I’m still upset about the Whalom Park thing. Bastards. Man, I wish I’d had the money, I would have bought the park. I had some great ideas for it, and even shared them with Allison Bowen, who was trying to get some people together to buy it. So sad. I actually drove by it this morning, and saw that another of the rides is gone. I don’t know how fast or slow this stuff is going to happen. Poor Mookie. No more local rides for him. I’m glad we got a picture or two of him on rides there; there are some in my mother’s album of ME on a rocketship ride, and also on a ride that I think was something like little horses pulling the cart you sat in. If I can find it, maybe I’ll scan it in.

Oh, and to top it off, I also went to Learning Express because my mother just told me yesterday that the one in town is closing up. So we went there this morning and there was basically empty. I mean, nothing much worth buying. Well, there was one thing and it made it all worthwhile for me, but all the Thomas stuff was gone, and I was wondering if they just shipped it off to the other stores instead of selling it for 50% off. Apparently the sale has only been going on for 2 weeks, so to have almost nothing left seemed odd to me. I’m sure they moved a lot of the more sellable stuff to Acton or the Solomon Pond Mall.