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It’s going to be 50 degrees today! WAHOOOO! You won’t be seeing much of me online today. I’m going to go catch some sunshine.

Cleaned Mike the Fish’s tank yesterday. Did the “replace 1/2” the water thing, and I used a sponge on the sides of the tank. Oh, and also bought a small pump, just to filter the water some. I know he doesn’t need it for breathing, because he’s a betta, but I just want to keep the water clearer. I also found some betta food that said to only give them a few grains at a feeding, so I’m limiting him to 3 at a time. Course this morning he didn’t eat much. I have to turn the pump off to feed him cause the betta food just sort of swirls all around on the top and he won’t eat it. It’s so fun being a pet owner.