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Spent the morning looking at computer desks with my parents. Of course, they are looking in places that hadn’t occurred to me. Like the odd lots store. And Walmart.

I know what I want. I want an oak secretary with some slots and drawers, that I can fold up when I’m done and the computer will be out of site. But what are the odds one of those will be at Walmart?

The good news is that after many months of fruitless searching, I found my Ecco dishwashing sponge thingies at the odd lot store (which is named something slightly different, can’t remember what) so I bought every single one they had on the hooks. I need to bring two down to my friend’s house, cause she can’t find them either, and I think she’s talking about the exact same ones. The cashier must have thought I was insane. I am, but that’s not important.