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Hey, I’m doing the old family history thing. My aunt gave me an envelope full of stuff that some guy had mailed my grandmother on research on the Macaulay family. Turns out I come from good Scottish stock, I have Highlander forebears!

Donald Macaulay, b. 1798 in N. Uist Hebrides Islands, Scotland and his wife Christena Ferguson, b. 1803 in N.

Uist, immegrated to Cape Breton, specifically Port Morien (previously known as “Cow Bay”) in 1832. Their daughter Christene was born in Scotland. In Canada, she married Archie MacDonald (whose father had the worst name ever…Donald MacDonald) and their son Hector is my great-grandfather. This is my paternal grandmother’s family.

I need to do the research on Hector’s wife Ellen McKay (Mackay?), who actually came straight to the US from Scotland. I want to get more information on who she came with, and why. Too bad I probably won’t be able to find out how and where she and Hector met. One of their children is still living (my aunt Irene) but Ellen died 4 days after giving birth to her, so I just don’t know that she’ll have any information on her mother’s family.

And that’s what I did last night! Wrote out a summary from like 100 pages of stuff about Donald Macaulay’s decendants. Unfortunately, there was more stuff about their other children, because the person who did the research was related to one of their sons.