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And here is your Christmas Eve Day Traffic Report:

Man, shoulda waited until this morning to go to the grocery store. It was just a normal morning there, as opposed to yesterday, when you literally couldn’t find a place to park. Mr. Dump had to go to a different grocery store when he got sick of looking for a space. I breezed in, picked up the few things I forgot last night (dinner rolls, vanilla ice cream for the apple pie my mom made, etc.) and had my choice of registers…no lines.

Traffic wasn’t too bad. I know a lot of people do work today, and I figure the rest are like me. Now that I’m home, I’m not stepping foot back outside until it’s time to go visit my aunt. I’m not going NEAR the mall.

Oh, and another thing I learned. Mr. Dump mentioned to his boss that today is Christmas Eve, and his boss replied “Not until 6pm it isn’t.” I’m thinking this guy should try out for next year’s production of A Christmas Carol.