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Oh man, I just looked in my visitor logs (it just tells me domains, or countries, so don’t panic anyone) and saw a recent visitor had the domain. Oh man, I’m ready to cry! My Tivo has been out of order for months now, and I haven’t had the $99 to send it back to be fixed. Do you KNOW what it’s like to have a Tivo that doesn’t work after you’ve become addicted to it? It’s just not as important as buying groceries and paying the bills. Oh, and I need to renew my domain for another two years. That’s $70. *sigh* Why am I not making any money running a website?

Oh man, I’m so depressed. If I worked for Tivo, I’ll bet this wouldn’t be a problem. Hey person, I’m willing to do $99 worth of consulting in exchange for getting my Tivo fixed!