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Month: October, 2001

Don’t get too close to the monitor. I think I finally caught Mookie’s cold. Plus he still has his a bit. Blegh.

Oh, but the one thing that made me feel GREAT today is that when I checked my mail this morning there was a note from a friend of mine from High School who I haven’t seen, well, since high school. She signed on to Classmates and because I’m a member, I sent her a note. That’s just so cool. She was one of my favorite people in high school…always nice to everyone, funny, etc etc. (I’d better stop now in case she reads this and thinks I’m going to stalk her.) But seriously, now I’ve been in touch (email) with about 4 or 5 people from my high school class from being on So cool.


Mookie and I are going to be in a Halloween parade today. He’ll be in his dinosaur costume, and I’ll wear the wizard costume I wore last year. I’m saving the Ren princess costume for the wedding reception on the 3rd.

I’d blustery outside. I hope that by noon, it’s a few degrees warmer, else I should look for a wizard cape make out of bear fur.

I painted my fingernails purple and have deep purple eyeshadow and black lipstick. I’m considering this a trial run for Wednesday, when I wear this getup to work. I hope they encourage dressing up. I haven’t actually checked yet.


I knew that Denny’s was hazardous to your health, but I didn’t think it was hazardous the way the Sentinel & Enterprise reported this morning. Ten people, minding their own business, eating lunch, had a car land on them.

I’m staying out of Denny’s. I like my lunch projectile-free. At least most of the time.



I tried to get in for an oil change at my local dealer (cause I wanted them to look at something else) and they rejected me. Well, they said I could “leave it” and they’d fit it in, but I don’t feel like sitting in the waiting room for 5 hours. They only get one channel on the tv in the waiting room, and unlike Saturn, there is no bagel and beverage area. Not that I’m tied to car dealer bagels, but I don’t have a ride, so I’d be trapped. If they were located next to a shopping mall or a movie theater, we’d be talking a whole different ball game.

So if you see me next week, I’m the one with dirty oil.


Yesterday at our monthly company meeting, they had make-your-own sundaes. That was very very cool. But now it’s Friday afternoon and I’m just wondering why they didn’t let us finished up the leftovers today. There was enough for everyone to have a 2nd bowl, that’s for sure.

Instead, I found a new blog I like, and added it to the link list. I hope someday someone links to mine. (And trust me, I’ll know when you do.)


This guy, James Lileks , gets paid to do what I want to do. Gosh, I’m jealous. I’m also a huge fan. I recently bought one of his old out-of-print books on Amazon, and now I have to buy the rest. But more importantly, I need to buy his NEW book.

I’ve written about him in the Dump before. I love his work.


I think I’m going to give the chili a final score of 2 to my 0. A worthy opponent. I won’t be doing THAT again soon.

But in the freaky “someone is playing with your world” arena, I was at my mom’s after work to pick up my son, and she said “Hey, do you want to stay for dinner? I made chili.” What are the odds? What are they?!

(No, I didn’t stay. I would have had to sleep out in the back yard. But darn, it would have been nice to not have to make supper.)



Cafeteria Chili 1

Jody 0


No anthrax in the office today. However, I am eating cafeteria chili, so I don’t fear much in this world anyway.

It’s not that it’s bad…it’s just not good. And why eat anything with beans at work, really?

Okay, so far, no reaction to lunch. I will keep you updated.


Sometimes you run across a game that makes you laugh just reading the description. I got a link to Sheep Raider in the mail today and the concept just makes me want to high-five the creators. Now THAT is an original concept.