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Dear Susan Hawk from Survivor

Wow, you are such an idiot. I wonder how many millions of dollars in endorsement money you blew just because you decided to fix Kelly good. If I were Reebok, or Target, or the National Dairy Council I would run as fast as my stubby corporate legs could take me from having you be my spokesmodel. Maybe some pest control company won't mind putting your mug on their product, but I don't think me seeing your face is going to make me pick up a box of Wheaties.

Well there you go...now the whole world thinks you are an evil bitter woman. How wonderful for you! Your family must be so proud.

I don't suppose it occurred to you before you began your rant that 51 million people were going to watch you call the kettle black?

I know it isn't up to me to forgive and forget, that would be Kelly. But I'm guessing there are a lot of people out there today wondering if you were raised by wolves. And to not even show an OUNCE of remorse for the level of venom in your comments a whole 4 months later, well, I guess now we all know who's a snake and a rat, eh Sue?

Catch you at the truck stop!

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