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Famous People Who Have a First Name for a Last Name

New entries are in bold. Thanks to all who contributed names to the list. 3/19/02 Dan McKinley recently submitted about a hundred names that I haven't yet been able to add. In fact, I have about 8 months worth of email to plow through. I just wanted him to know he didn't lose sleep for naught.

Please keep in mind remember the following guidelines for submission:

  1. Yyou may think someone is perfect for the list, but I reserve the right to not add that person
  2. If the person won't be well known to the majority of readers, I probably won't use the name.
  3. The name needs to be spelled the same way the first name is. "William" as a last name works, but "Williams" or "Wylium" doesn't.
  4. I won't add names if it was a last name first that because "popular" as a first name ("Kennedy" from MTV) unless the line has been blurred ("Graham")
  5. Stop sending me Bill Clinton's name. I'm not adding him.

Hank Aaron
F. Murray Abraham
Spencer Abraham
Dick Albert
Eddie Albert
Marv Albert
Kim Alexis
Debbie Allen
Ethan Allen
Gracie Allen
Irwin Allen
Joan Allen
Karen Allen
Marcus Allen
Peter Allen
Steve Allen
Tim Allen
Woody Allen
Bobby Allison
Ben Alexander
Jason Alexander
William Alexander
Tori Amos
Marie Antoinette
Susan Anton
"Tiny" Archibald
Benedict Arnold
Eddie Arnold
Tom Arnold
Bea Arthur
Chester Allen Arthur
Elizabeth Ashley
Laura Ashley

Klaus Barbie
Sir James Barrie
Dave Barry
Jeff Barry
Linda Barry
Marion Barry
Rick Barry
Freddie Bartholemew
Stan Belinda
Albert Belle
Richard Benjamin
Jack Benny
Crystal Bernard
Bill Bradley
Ed Bradley
Omar Bradley
George Brett
Zachary Ty Bryan
Kobe Bryant
Morgan Brittany
Lenny Bruce
Nigel Bruce
Robert Bruce
William Jennings Bryan
Anita Bryant

Kirk Cameron
Jim Carrey
Drew Carey
Mariah Carey
Eric Carmen
Diahann Carroll
Lewis Carroll
Ray Charles
Suzette Charles
Warren Christopher
William Christopher
Agatha Christie
Doug Christie
Julie Christie
Dick Clark
Dwight Clark (49ers)
Marcia Clark
Roy Clark
Henry Clay
Adam Clayton
Jimmy Cliff
Sidonie Gabrielle Claudine Colette
Joseph Conrad
William Conrad
Jenny Craig
Jim Craig
Yvonne Craig
Billy Crystal
Jamie Lee Curtis
Tony Curtis

Michael Damian
Matt Damon
Bill Dana
Keith David
Larry David
Dizzy Dean
James Dean
Jimmy Dean
John Dean
Sandra Dee
Sandy Dennis
Martin Denny
Sandy Denny
Andy Dick
Philip K. Dick
Kirk Douglas
Michael Douglas
Mike Douglas
Sherman Douglas
Stephen A. Douglas
William O Douglas
Sandy Duncan
Reginald Dwight
(See "Elton John")
Jakob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Steve Earle
Duane Eddy
Nelson Eddy
Bill Elliot
Bob Elliot
Chris Elliot
Cass Elliot
George Eliot
Sam Elliot
Sean Elliot
T.S. Eliot
Julius "Dr. J" Erving
Chad Everett

Percy Faith
Tammy Faye
Arlene Francis
Coleman Francis
Connie Francis
Dick Francis
Anne Frank
Barney Frank
Sandy Frank
Aretha Franklin
Bonnie Franklin
Joe Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

Peter Gabriel
Jennie Garth
Crystal Gayle
Phyllis George
Wally George
Johnny Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert
Sarah Gilbert
John Glenn
Jeff Gordon
Topher Grace
Billy Graham
Katherine Graham
Amy Grant
Hugh Grant
U.S. Grant
Judd Gregg

Dick Gregory
Gilbert Gottfried
Buddy Guy

Darryl Hannah
George Harrison
Debbie Harry
P.J. Harvey
Paul Harvey
Steve Harvey
Buck Henry
John Henry
Patrick Henry
Frank Herbert
Sir Edmund Hillary
Buddy Holly
Lauren Holly
Bob Hope
Curly Howard
Jerome Howard
John Howard
Moe Howard
Ron Howard
Victor Hugo
Hubert Humphrey

Janis Ian
Amy Irving
John Irving
Julius Irving
Washington Irving
Chris Isaak

Dennis James
Harry James
Henry James
Jesse James
Kevin James
Rick James
Sonny James
Tommy James
William James
Conrad Janis
John Jay
Billy Joel
Elton John (see "Reginald Dwight")
Olivia Newton John
Robert John
Michael Jordan
Vernon Jordan
Elaine Joyce
Ella Joyce
James Joyce
Don Juan
Ashley Judd
Naomi Judd
Wynona Judd
Raul Julia

Donna Karan
Danny Kaye
DeForest Kelly
Gene Kelly
George Kelly
Grace Kelly
Walt Kelly
Brian Keith
David Keith

Ralph Lauren
Piper Laurie
D.H. Lawrence
Martin Lawrence
Steve Lawrence
Thomas E. Lawrence (of Arabia)
Vickie Lawrence
Bill Lee
Brandon Lee
Bruce Lee
Geddy Lee
Jason Scott Lee
Jim Lee
Michele Lee
Pamela Anderson Lee
Richard Henry Lee
Robert E. Lee
Spike Lee
Stan Lee
Tommy Lee
Will Lee
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Vivian Leigh
Elmore Leonard
Robert Sean Leonard
"Sugar" Ray Leonard
Lisa Leslie
Mark Lester
Richard Lester
C.S. Lewis
Carl Lewis
Daniel Day Lewis
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis
Juliette Lewis
Meriwether Lewis
Shari Lewis
Eli Lilly
George "Goober" Lindsey
Christopher Lloyd
Harold Lloyd
David Llyod George
Joe Louis
Tina Louise
George Lucas
Martin Luther
Fred Lynn
Jeff Lynne

Connie Mack
Lonnie Mack
Tina Marie
Garry Marshall
Penny Marshall
Peter Marshall
Thurgood Marshall
Andrea Martin
Billy Martin
Dean Martin
Dick Martin
George Martin
Mary Martin
Ricky Martin
Steve Martin
Lee Marvin
Elaine May
George Michael
Madison Michelle
Michael Michelle
John Milton
Carmen Miranda
Margaret Mitchell
J.P Morgan
Harry Morgan
Stanley Morgan
Garrett Morris
Phillip Morris
William Morris
Bill Murray

Vince Neil
Wayne Newton
Greg Norman
Merle Norman

John Oliver
Mary Oliver
Lee Harvey Oswald
Gary Owen
Spike Owen

Satchel Paige
Butch Patrick
Sandy Patti
Les Paul
Mrs. Paul
Ru Paul
Joe Penny
Lindsey Penny
Sidney Penny
Gaylord Perry
Luke Perry
Matthew Perry
William "Refrigerator" Perry
Kelly Preston
Robert Preston

Aiden Quinn

James Earl Ray
Johnny Ray
Buddy Rich
Cliff Richard
Gilbert Roland
Charlie Rose
Pete Rose
Betsy Ross
Bob Ross
Diana Ross
Joe. E. Ross
Marion Ross
Richard Roy
Jack Ruby
Bill Russell
Bertrand Russell
Kari Russell
Kurt Russell
Nipsy Russell
Jane Russell
Rosalind Russell
Babe Ruth
Meg Ryan
Nolan Ryan

Mia Sara
Campbell Scott
George C. Scott
Randolph Scott
Ridley Scott
Tony Scott
Sir Walter Scott
Willard Scott
Jane Seymour
Stephanie Seymour
Del Shannon
Dick Shawn
Wallace Shawn
Mary Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Allan Sherman
Bobby Sherman
William T. Sherman
Neil Simon
Paul Simon (singer)
Paul Simon (senator)
Scott Simon
Bob Stanley
Mike Stanley
Paul Stanley
Ralph Stanley
Al Stewart
Jimmy Stewart
Martha Stewart
Patrick Stewart
Payne Stewart
Rod Stewart
Jacqueline Susann
Sylvia Sydney

Elizabeth Taylor
James Taylor
Lawrence Taylor
Niki Taylor
Clarence Thomas
Danny Thomas
Dave Thomas
Derrick Thomas
Dylan Thomas
Heather Thomas
Frank Thomas
Henry Thomas
Isaiah Thomas
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Marlo Thomas
Philip Michael Thomas
Richard Thomas
Rob Thomas
Mike Todd
Lauren Tom
Nicole Tom
Spencer Tracy
Randy Travis
Liv Tyler
Steven Tyler

Jan Michael Vincent

George Wallace
Irving Wallace
Marcia Wallace
William Wallace
Bruno Walter

Earl Warren
Robert Penn Warren
John Wayne
George Will
Fred Willard
Bruce Willis

Before you send me an email with your own name...are you famous?

Send Me Your Additions
(Please remember to put "The List" in the subject of your message).

I am the queen of the list. You may be very well known in your circle of friends, but you still won't make the cut here. I'll try to be fair with all other suggestions. Thanks!


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