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Friday, October 26, 2001

Is it the weekend yet?
posted at 9:20 AM

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Sometimes you run across a game that makes you laugh just reading the description. I got a link to Sheep Raider in the mail today and the concept just makes me want to high-five the creators. Now THAT is an original concept.
posted at 9:34 AM

OOooh, heard that there was a dumptruck rollover on Route 2 this morning. Half of me is glad it wasn't on the stretch I drive, and half of me wanted to take a picture of a rolled-over dumptruck for the site.

But only if nobody got hurt. I'm not into those kinds of photos, thank you very much.
posted at 8:45 AM

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

I'm a little annoyed at my husband today. He didn't really do anything, but the problem is with his new car.

See, he used to drive a green Saturn LS, and nobody but nobody drives those. So if I saw one, hey, there was a good chance it was him. Cool.

Now he drives a tannish Camry and good Lord, they are EVERYWHERE. I keep seeing them, and thinking "Hey, Is that him?" and it isn't. (See, both of us commute for a stretch on the same piece of Route 2, so I keep thinking maybe, just maybe, we'll be on it at the same time coming home.)

I'm just saying.
posted at 2:03 PM

Did you get your email? Yea! Well, thanks for stopping by!
posted at 12:21 PM

Why was this easier yesterday than today?
posted at 11:56 AM

Hey, Jody here. I know that the layout is a bit funky, but the main thing to look at is whether or not you think TBD would work better if it were updated daily. I'll be waiting for your feedback at jody@bigdumptruck.com.
posted at 11:30 AM

We Are Building the New DumpTruck. Keep Your Hands Inside The Ride At All Times.
posted at 11:06 AM

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