Thyroid Humor

Laughter May Not Be the Best Thyroid Medicine
But It Can't Hurt

Welcome, Thyroidians!

It's another Thanksgiving, which means it's another year when Mary Shomon's Websites point you all this way. Give me a minute and I'll try to clean the place up a little.

Oh, wait, that's not gonna happen.

That Thanksgiving Article was originally written a million years ago. Or 5. Five feels like a million sometimes. Well, we've had our ups and down and backs and forths, but here we are, five years later, and the whole thyroid thing hasn't killed our sense of humor yet, has it?

Coming soon to this very space, the 2005 version of "Shopping for Your Hypo Friends"
hey you are a great writer and i have a website with my stories too. you should check it out some time!!
wait i take that are a nonsuperawesome writer! i can so write better! so y dont u stop being a little punk and comment me!!! NONSUPERAWESOME PUNK
I won't be going to that gassy person's site. She needs to get a life.
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