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Anyone Else Want to Join Us?

So far one of last year’s Nanoers has joined up to contribute over at the new and improved Nano Blog (2007 NaNoWriMo Rest Area). So what about the rest of you? Or some new people? I’ll just yammer like a crazy person with or without you, you know?

In other news, it is FREEZING OUTSIDE! Oh man, it might not have been the best weather in Florida (“sunshine state” my large white arse) but at least it wasn’t 30 degrees when I left the hotel in the morning!

Still no pictures for you. I’m guessing it might be Sunday before I have some. I’m very sorry about that, but that’s just the way it’s been going this week. If someone figures out how to slow down time a bit, I may get to it Saturday, or even do a little tonight, but I still have to get the pictures off Mr. Dump’s laptop (we took his old PC with us) and onto my Mac, where my editing software lives. What, you think this stuff just magically happens?


3 thoughts on “Anyone Else Want to Join Us?

  1. Oh, Good Lord, no. I’ve failed badly enough the last two years. Good luck to you guys, though!

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