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What Do They Use at Dunkies?

On the drive to work this morning (when else?) I heard a Cumberland Farms commercial for their coffee. You know, from that addict who, when her kids are bored, takes them to Cumbies for a “fountain drink”. Because nothing eases boredom more than your mom taking you to a convenience store for a sugar and caffeine-based beverage!

This morning she was telling us all that she stupidly thought the coffee at Cumbies couldn’t match what they sell at coffee shops, until she tried it. She stated that they use “imported beans”. Well doesn’t that sound classy! I have to say, I think that even Sanka is made with imported beans, but I could be wrong. Maybe farmers in Indiana have plowed under their corn and wheat to grow coffee. The only domestic coffee I’m aware of (and I’ll admit I’m no expert) is Kona, from Hawaii, and that stuff is high quality. Not that people think of Hawaii when they think of something being domestic, of course. Anyhoo, God Bless Cumberland Farms for importing coffee beans. It’s about time someone had the nerve to do so!


7 thoughts on “What Do They Use at Dunkies?

  1. Ah, but are they mountain grown beans? I won’t settle for anything less in my convenience-store sludge!

  2. The best coffee I’ve found is Jamican Blue Mountain. I can’t afford $30 a pound, so I do a blend. Good stuff.

    I’m starting to really dislike Dunkie’s coffee. Yes, I know that is heresy ’round these parts, but I save so much money making Jamaican Blue at home. And it tastes better.

  3. Juan Valdez? The merest piker! I don’t drink anything that doesn’t meet the approval of El Exigente (the Demanding One).

    Um, OK, no, I don’t know from beans. I buy Dunkin’ Donuts by the pound, and I like it!

  4. I stopped drinking coffee and feel much better especially in the afternoons. However, the better half tells me that the lowly Delmoulas Hazelnut is not bad for decent price.. Dippin Donuts on southside is pretty good like it better than Dunkin..although with the new owners service has slide a bit… Jerry

  5. I like that Dippin Donuts too (now called Dozen Donuts). They have quite a flavor selection of iced coffee, and they are cheaper than Dunkie’s. I also like Lovin’ Donuts on Route 12 — the lady there is a doll, and their Snickerdoodle iced coffee? To die for.

  6. I am not crazy about flavored coffee…if I have to have one, it has to be chocolate-based.

    $30/pound? For coffee? Does it come with diamonds in it?

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