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Stuck In Traffic

Sorry for not posting. I’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for the last 10 days and, well, you know AT&T coverage – it’s nothing if not spotty out here, so I apologize for the radio silence!


Wow, I Wonder What My Stats Will Look Like

Some hackers messed up my hosting company pretty good. As a result of their shenanigans, Google removed me from their listings. So now, even if you search for this site, you will not see any results from it. I have applied for faster reinstatement (they suspend the site for 30 days but if you fix […]


O’ Parking Space

I have had the same parking space at work three days in a row. I’m kind of scared. This has never happened to me before. I don’t get it, either, unless someone was parked in that space (the spot at the end of a row) and left each day this week just before I got […]


Time Stands Still

Apparently, there was a report of a pipe bomb on the side of the on ramp to route 2 from Route 12 in Leominster. We had made arrangements to meet my parents for lunch at UNOs at the Twin City Mall at noon, so we gave ourselves an extra 10 minutes to get there, assuming […]