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Goodbye, Worcester Telegram.

The Worcester Telegram, which ticked me off last year by apparently firing all the reporters who covered North Central Mass, has moved to a “pay to read” model. The same model that MUCH BIGGER PAPERS CAN’T MAKE WORK. The funny thing is that their online advertisers, once they get a gander at the complete drop-off […]


Open Letter Time

Dear Bolton Post Office,What the heck is the deal? I stopped by to buy stamps on my way to work this morning. You see, I work all day, so if I need stamps I have to buy them on off hours. I decided to stop at your location because, hey, Post Office! They sell stamps! […]


Over the Top Reaction of the Day

You know, I try to keep things light here. I’m not in this to get a reputation as a bully or a bulldog or a bull-ony. But I read an article in the Sentinel today that absolutely made me furious. Enough so that I feel I should send a letter to the paper in response. […]