We See the Wiggles Live!

November 21, 2002 - 11AM- New Haven, CT

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On Wednesday night, the 20th, I was reading some messages on the official Wiggles website, and I thought to look where the concerts were the next day. New Haven, not too far (well, you know, in the grand scheme of things I've never been there before because it's pretty far, but to see the WIGGLES it's not far!). I clicked on the venue and then clicked to see if any tickets were available. I'm not even sure why I did it. Originally all the east coast concerts sold out in 5-10 minutes. But would you believe it offered me two tickets? And a quick check of the floorplan for the Shubert showed that these were AMAZING seats...left box, mezzanine level, the first two seats right up at the stage! So I bought them, figuring I'd worry about the drive later!

From what I'd learned on their website bulletin board, fans who brought roses for Dorothy or bones for Wags got to give them to actual real live Wiggles. I hoped Anthony would be our designated Wiggle, given that I have developed such a schoolgirl crush on him. My son hoped it would be Jeff, his favorite Wiggle. So we rushed out at 7:30pm to get some silk roses at the craft store, and a bone for Wags at the pet store. I also got a piece of posterboard and we made a sign that said "HI JEFF from MICHAEL". I so wanted to put Anthony, so that he would notice us, but Jeff is Michael's favorite and I was being a good mom.

We got to the venue in only two hours, which wasn't bad at all. Then we had to find parking because the lot for the theater was full. I guess they don't normally have 11am shows, and people who work downtown were parked for work. We parked about a five minute walk away and headed out.

The lobby was PACKED with people buying their souvenirs before the concert, and Michael never even mentioned wanting anything so we just waited for the doors to open and headed in. It's a very nice theater, and fairly intimate. I spotted our box and was floored by how close it was to the stage! This picture (click to enlarge) was taken without a flash, so it didn't come out. But I played with it in Paint Shop Pro and was able to lighten it enough that you can get an idea of our view.
That reminds me...none of the pictures came out that well. I didn't bother with a flash, and the guys move ALL the time, so very few of my photos came out. Disappointing but hey, we weren't supposed to take photos anyway (even though they don't mind still photography, at least from what I've seen on their web site.) Here's one I took with the flash, which shows the box but not anything else.

The concert started about 15 minutes late, which was torture for my son who asked "how many minutes" approximately every thirty seconds. And then a funny thing...I realized he thought this was going to be a movie. He'd never seen a stage show before! I had to say "no, it's really going to be them!" And then it started! The roar that went up from these kids was unbelievable! And there they all were, just like on TV! When they first came out I hung our sign over the edge of the balcony, and Jeff saw it and smiled and waved to Michael, giving him the big Wiggle thumbs up! Throughout the show, Jeff would often look our way, which was great; actually, he was the only one to really look at us, because these box seats are not in the direct line of site of the guys on stage. Here is Jeff looking our way, I missed one of him waving.

When it was time to give bones to wags the dog, Michael waved his arms. At that point Murray was standing closest to us and walked over to ask Michael his name. Michael froze...so I answered. Then Murray called over to Anthony "Anthony, Michael has a bone!" so it went out over the speakers! Anthony come over to the edge of the stage and asked Michael to throw the bone to him! It was SO AWESOME! He caught it and I got the world's worst picture of it. (I asked on the BB if anyone from that show had a picture of Michael doing this to forward a copy to me, but so far nothing.)

More singing and dancing, and then they said they were going to collect the roses. I had taken cover stock and punch a whole in the corner to put on two of the roses, one with a note to Jeff from Michael, and the other a note to Dorothy. I wanted to put a note from me to Anthony *wink* but I just decided that wouldn't be cool. I should have though. Anyway, the theater is kind of funky and the guys realize they can't go out to all the levels so only Murray and Jeff go out on the orchestra level, and two Wiggly dancers handle the Mezzanine and balcony. But I waved my flowers and Anthony saw us and came over and I handed them to him (because my arms are longer) and when he saw the cards he said "It's our friend Michael again!" Oh my GOD I could have died right there. I think I might have been happier to hear them say his name than he was!

The show was over so quickly (or so it seemed to us). Michael was almost angry that they were done. But those poor guys, that is a seriously aerobic show, and they had two more to do that day. I can't believe how much work their tours are. We took our time leaving, because I didn't feel like getting caught in the crush, and I wanted to get a souvenir of our first concert together. That worked out, because while we were standing in the lobby, all the Wiggly Dancers streamed out of the theater, I assume to go grab a bite to eat. They exited and went right, and the tour bus was parked down on the left. By the time I realized who they all were, I had missed saying something to some of them, but did say "You guys put on a great show, it was wonderful" to one of the female backup dancers. I hate to say that they both kind of looked alike to me the way they wore their hair and makeup, so I don't know which one it was. (Sorry!)

I only wish I'd been able to get ahold of my sister to buy her the two seats behind us, but when I was buying tickets I couldn't get her on the phone. I'm very sad about that. But the people sitting in the box with us, a mom and her baby son (maybe a year old?) were so sweet. We gave them our extra rose to give to Dorothy, and she was SO happy to be sitting with us, because we had brought all the props to get ourselves noticed, so by sitting there, she did too. She even got to tell Murray she'd dressed her son in red like him because when he was standing at the edge of the stage near us, he was close enough to talk to. THOSE are good seats. We had a view of the backstage area, too, so we could see the table where they had water and other stuff for the Wiggles and dancers. Really, our seats were like sitting in the wings, and that's why a lot of the pictures are sort of side views of everything. But we didn't miss a thing. Once again, I apologize for the fuzzies in the photos, but if they would have stood still for two seconds it wouldn't have been a problem! I fear this may be our first and only Wiggles concert, as Michael turns 5 in a month and a half, and he'll probably move on to other things. But I'd go again in a second, it was funny and entertaining and really really great for the kids.

The Wiggles are: Anthony Field (blue), Greg Page (yellow), Jeff Fatt (purple) and Murray Cook (red) with big props to Paul Paddick (Captain Feathersword) for being so funny and talented...he really helped make the show, especially for the adults. As for the photos, I would have only taken pix of Anthony but that didn't seem right. Then it turns out my pix of him came out WORSE than those for the others. Go figure. And Captain Feathersword, a man of endless energy, was impossible to photograph well from where we sat because he was never standing still.)


  This last picture is meant to show the box on the right side of the stage. We are in the same box on the left side of the stage.




















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